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"For years we made our own sopaipilla mix, homemade from scratch…Suppliers showed us different brands of mixes but they never came close to our quality & shelf life. When Valencia came around with samples I wasn't too excited. I figured it was just another sopaipilla mix. To my surprise, I was very wrong. I love the mix! It is flavorful, soft, holds well, but best of all it's CONSISTENT. We've been using Valencia for several years & haven't turned back. You won't be disappointed."

-- Sam Aguilar, Los Cerritos Mexican Kitchen, Roswell, NM.

"This Valencia Sopaipilla Mix is very versatile. We use it for empanadas & Mexican pizza along with regular sopaipillas. It has good customer response, too."

-- Adrian Bishop, Rubio's Fine Mexican Dining, Aztec, NM.

"We've been using Valencia Sopaipilla Mix for several years, & we've never had a problem with this product. It is affordable & very delicious with powdered sugar. Our customers enjoy the product. We recommend Valencia Sopaipilla Mix & give them a

thumb's up!"

-- Herman Livingston, Earl's Family Restaurant, Gallup, NM.

"TJs Restaurant has used your famous flour for sopaipillas for 15+  years.The sopaipillas are unique & irreplaceable! They are very delicious with or without honey. Customers ask how we get our sopaipillas so fluffy & tasty. Not only me but many others will call in & order these sopaipillas by the dozen 'cause  we can't get them anywhere else… These sopaipillas are AMAZING & simply the BEST!"

-- Jessica Zamora, TJs New Mexican Restaurant, Los Lunas, NM

From left to right, Jessica Zamora, TJ's Manager, Kathy & Jose Cordova

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