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Photo by Luis Dueñas

With vintage flour milling machinery from his grandfather's & father’s eras, current Mill owner Jose D. Cordova creates innovative baking mixes for today’s chefs & restaurant owners. Jose restored several antique milling machines & then he invented the “just add water” Sopaipilla & Fry Bread Mixes which use modern ingredients such as a Zero Trans Fat oil. The 20th Century Mill machine combines basic

milling steps into one “self-contained” milling system. So, this antique mill gives Jose the flexibility to “set his bolting operation” for more flavorful, natural flour production. Valencia Flour is unbleached yet contains all nutrients prescribed by law-- such as Niacin & Riboflavin.  Jose calls his technique for making Valencia Flour, “craft milling”.

When Jose’s grandfather founded the family mill now called the Valencia Flour Mill, he purchased local wheat from Valencia County & central New Mexican farmers. The Valencia Flour Mill still buys local grains from New Mexico to manufacture its two mix lines of wheat-based & corn-based products. Our wheat source is from the large NAPI (Navajo Agricultural Products Industries) farm south of Farmington, NM. Their irrigated wheat is plump & healthy year in & year out. We select a medium gluten wheat that makes a pastry flour for our mix products like sopaipillas or fry bread. That’s why our mixes are easy to make into masa & to roll out without heavy pressure on a rolling pin. From this basic unbleached, medium gluten Valencia Flour, Jose makes two product lines for Hispanic & Native American markets. 


Photo by Kathy Cordova
* Please see DISTRIBUTION page for Ingredient lists, Nutrition Facts & Spec. Data
Jose & Kathy, Owners posing with 20th Centry Mill Machin & all Valencia Products
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