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Blue Corn Cobs

Blue Corn-Based Products


New Mexican Grown

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Valencia Blue Corn Muffins

Valencia Blue Corn Muffin & Pancake Mix brings out the delicate blue corn flavor of a cultural favorite from New Mexico's Native American heritage. Cultivated for thousands of years in the American Southwest, blue corn is prized in Native diets & in ceremonial use at most of New Mexico's 19 Pueblos, in Navajo chapter houses, etc. Hispanic colonials adopted blue corn from their Native American contacts, integrating this new ingredient into their cuisine in New Mexico, creating "atole", "chaquehue" & other Hispanic adapations. Today we refer to these cross cultural dishes as "fusion cuisines." 

Valencia Blue Corn Muffins

Recently, scientists have unlocked the nutritional value of Blue Corn, confirming the Native American & Hispanic preference for this ancient grain.


Scientists discovered these nutritional benefits: 

  • low glycemic

  • positive effect on blood glucose levels

  • more Zinc, Iron & Lysine that White or Yellow Corn

  • nearly 20% more Fiber than regular cornmeal

  • blue kernels contains a potential cancer fighter, anthocyanin


So, consider Blue Corn as a Native American Health Food & add it to your menus for a healthy customer choice. 

Valencia Blue Corn Pancake

Valencia Blue Corn Pancakes

Food Plate Photos by Kathy Cordova
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