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Valencia 2 lbs. mixes, mixing bowl & rolling pin
Photo by Kathy Cordova

Valencia Flour Mill owners, Jose & Kathy Cordova, select basic ingredients to add to their Wheat & blue corn-based mixes. In creating their food products, the Cordovas insist that true flavor

must come from the main ingredient at the top of the list. For Valencia Mixes the primary grains of wheat & blue corn are the flavor foundation for their authentic New Mexican products. The popular  New Mexico True program from the State’s Dept. of Tourism recognizes Valencia products in their campaign to promote authentic, 100% New Mexican-made brands.


Label declarations & ingredient lists are easy-to-read & understand on Valencia brand packaging. And Valencia products won’t leave customers guessing about long, unpronounceable chemical names in the ingredients list. In fact, there are only 4 ingredients in the popular, “just-add-water” Valencia Sopaipilla & Fry Bread Mix. Our Valencia Unbleached Flour carries the wholesome wheat flavor with micro ingredients comprise the remaining 10% of the formula. The micro ingredients are:

  • Non-hydrogenated (Zero Trans Fat) Sunflower Oil

  • Rexall Baking Powder

  • Morton Iodized Salt

Likewise, the Valencia Blue Corn Muffin & Pancake Mix relies on a higher ratio of ground Blue Corn to Valencia flour to bring out its subtle flavor. A proprietary blend of sugars enhances the blue corn flavor. Its slightly coarse mouthfeel is created by the Mill’s medium grinding screen. (For more information on blue corn nutrition, return to the products tab & click on the Drop Down labelled “Blue Corn-based”.)
The Valencia Flour Mill has a complete sample retention system & is fully insured with each food-service company that purchases its products. The facility is inspected by State & Federal regulators who ensure that all environmental & food safety rules are in place. 
Breadmaking Post

Breadmaking with Valencia Flour

One of Valencia Flour Mill's breadmaking customers from North Carolina uses the 5# unbleached Valencia Flour to mix up her bread dough and drive for 6 hours.
When she arrives home, she bakes her artisan breads. She started using Valencia Flour during the 2020 COVID-19 supply interruption. Now she prefers it for her bread.   
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