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Uses for Valencia Sopaipilla Mix

Stuffed Sopaipillas
Stuffed Sopaipillas

Fry 4-inch square sopaipillas. Drain & cool before cutting one side open for stuffing with a chile-cheese hamburger mixture. 

State Fair Indian Taco Dinner 

This popular moneymaker can create a State Fair atmosphere in  your restaurant!...Start with a large round fry bread base, then add hamburger, pinto beans, tomatoes, lettuce, onions & melted cheese on top. 

Lamb on Indian Tacos

Heap rich lamb roast slices onto Indian Fry Bread. Add steamed vegetables like carrots, summer squash & green beans. For a savory choice, try fresh peaches or apricot jam.  

Valencia Chocolate Sopaipilla Special

Dark, rich Mexican chocolate melts into the Valencia Sopaipilla Mix dough, before frying. Make a chocolate lover's dream dessert with powdered sugar & stuffed with ice cream flavors from vanilla to mint. 

Tropical Empanada Treats 

Instead of the usual fruit fillings, spread a layer of avocado inside the empanada mold, add peaches or mangos & fry. 

Valencia Fruit-Filled Empanadas

Make this traditional favorite with fresh summer fruits, or use a select preserve of sweet cherries & tuck them into a tasty fried pastry. Use pumpkin pie puree for a holiday filling. 

Valencia Whole Wheat Sopaipillas

Treat your gourmet customers with the nut-like flavor of fried whole wheat sopaipillas. Win points for a healthy touch of whole grain goodness. Make whole wheat fresh apple empanadas in season. 

Valencia Churros

Create a festive mood with churros. Use Valencia Sopaipilla Mix per package instructions, adding 1 tsp. sugar per two cups of mix. Extrude dough through a cookie press with various disk shapes to form ridges once the churros are fried. Cool on paper towels & roll in cinnamon sugar or holiday sprinkles. 

Food Plate Photos by Kathy Cordova

Uses for Valencia Blue Corn Muffin & Pancake Mix

Menu ideas using the Valencia Blue Corn Muffin & Pancake Mix include entrees, side dishes, appetizers or desserts. A favorite entree idea is to make a thick batter with the mix with only 10% of the milk for the pancake recipe, add 1 more egg & 1 T. of vegetable oil. Then coat fish fillets

Pecan or Pinon Muffins

Top your blue corn muffins with a sprinkling of pecans or pinons. This treatment is especially elegant on the jumbo size muffins

Apple Compote on Pancakes or Waffles

There's nothing like warm, cooked apple slices topping your stack of pancakes. Try New Mexican apples in season. Compliment 

these flavors with sharp cheddar or pepper cheeses. 

with thick batter & fry. Onion rings, various vegetables can also fry in this blue corn batter. The blue corn batter gives a different flair to "traditional Fish & Chips." For a new breakfast item, one innovative chef experimenting with our Blue Corn Mix created a Blue Corn Cheesecake with a blueberry drizzle. That's exactly why we make & sell our Valencia Mix products -- so our customers have time to innovate! 

Blueberry or Raisins Pancakes or Waffles 

Just fold fresh blueberries or raisins into your pancake batter for a tasty surprise, or stack the pancakes & add blueberry yogurt & fresh blueberries for a topping. 

Blue Corn Batter for Fish 

This is a tasty treat even for folks who don't like fish! Use perch, bass, mild fish like haddock or even catfish because its strong flavor won't overcome the blue corn taste of this Mix. 

Chicken with Blue Corn Muffins

Use Blue Corn Muffins to give any chicken meal that distinctive

Southwestern twist. For a hearty treat, serve these muffins with

Green Chile Stew. 

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